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Chin & Neck

Chin Treatments

Vanish your double chin

Eliminate that stubborn fat underneath your chin for good! Even if you’ve lost weight, you may have persistent fat that just won’t go away. Does this sound like you?

Or maybe you have “no chin–” a chin that is barely noticeable from your neck and you’ve wanted to have a real chin for years. 

Our injectable treatments are minimally invasive and do not require surgeries or lengthy downtime so that you can show off your chin in no time!

Neck Treatments

An Overlooked Area

One of the fastest places to show aging or premature aging is in the delicate area of the neck, but it is often overlooked.

Even if you’ve done Botox to eliminate wrinkles, surgeries to lift sagging skin or pride yourself on preventative aging, taking care of the neck is one of the easiest ways to continue looking younger for much longer.

Necklase, our laser therapy, microneedling with PRF and/or use of PDO threads to lift sagging skin are some of the ways in which we can treat this delicate area.