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Enhanced Deluxe Treatment

For those that want more.

Our Enhanced Deluxe Treatment takes your results to a whole new level. Our combination treatments are for those looking to reverse the signs of premature again or to aggressively slow down the aging process. 

We use the powerful growth factors of PRF and couple it with laser therapy. With this revolutionary treatment, you can tighten your skin, add volume, reduce acne, and remove scars and spider veins. Let's dive deeper into what you can expect from combination therapy.

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Smoothlase penetrates the layers of the skin and deposits energy and heat below the surface. It works by treating the deepest layers of the skin from the inside out. By using the laser inside the mouth, we can target cells that produce collagen and elastin at a deeper level. 


LipLase is a laser treatment that can result in tighter, fuller, and more youthful lips. It targets the inside of the mouth as well as the surrounding outer lip area to prompt the production of collagen. 


SmoothEye is ideal for eye rejuvenation. Not only can it reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it has the power to lift the upper eye and reduce a “hooding” look. Essentially, it uses laser treatment to tighten and tone the delicate eye area. 

​Laser Peel

The Laser Peel stimulates collagen, improves skin tone and texture, and enhances overall firmness. It’s an effective way to smooth and tighten the skin without surgery and take years off your face.  

Laser Resurfacing

We can target the superficial skin layer to even texture, color and fine lines. This usually requires more days of downtime compared to other laser treatments but produces great results to reduce those stubborn wrinkles. 

Spider veins, rosacea, acne

If you have trouble with reddness from acne, rosacea or unflattering spider veins on the nose or chin, we can use laser therapy to help reduce redness.

We take two different components of the Classic treatment

We take two different components of the Signature treatment

Microneedling with PRF

Microneedling uses the Dermapen, a special device with very fine needles to penetrate the skin’s surface at various depths and stimulate the production of collagen. When performed on its own, microneedling can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, shrink large pores, lighten sun spots and acne scars, and even out skin tone. By pairing it with PRF, we can further stimulate collagen production and accelerate the healing process

Injections wit

PRF or Botox® 

PRF injections are an effective way to smooth away the signs of aging. With this treatment, you can expect us to collect a small sample of your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the PRF. Then, we’ll inject the PRF into various areas of your face. You’ll likely need multiple treatments several weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Botox is a great option for those looking to get results fast.

Natural fillers, Restalyne®, 

or PDO threads 

Targeting volume loss and saggy skin can turn years back on the clock. Whether you prefer to use natural fillers or Restalyne®, we can help create volume in areas you may have had 10 years ago. PDO threads can aggressively target moderate to severe saggy or droopy skin.